Shiv Yog Vision

The SHIV YOG VISION, that all beings on earth receive health, food and peace. That every human being be able to create a healthy mind, body and emotions. That all creatures on earth ascend and evolve to higher consciousness. That all crops, vegetation, and fruits be abundant and rich in the life-force energies. That healthy and safe food be grown and consumed by one and all. That all the waters on earth be pure and rich. That rains be timely unto earth and it's inhabitants. That peace and tranquility prevail amongst all religions. That each one be tolerant and accept every religion, race and creed. That man be free from delusions and ignorance. That human beings achieve their very purpose of taking human births.

About Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand ji

Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand ji is a Master of Ancient Vedic Practices, who has been sharing the sacred wisdom of ancient Siddhas that was only transmitted from the Guru to worthy disciples, thus being protected within the lineage. He is fondly known as “Baba ji” meaning father in Hindi. Babaji eagerly shares the wealth of wisdom and experience that He cultivated during His years of hard spiritual practices and sadhna. He graces everyone with abundant energies of the Divine to help one raise one’s vibrations by acting as the important medium between mankind and the Divine. It is with His compassion and love that millions have benefited and are still benefiting in many ways. He is a source of inspiration and a role model to the modern man who can balance one’s life spiritually and materialistically.


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